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Stamping Polish Will Make All The Difference

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One of the most common questions that comes about when discussing nail stamping is whether or not stamping polish is actually necessary or if regular nail polish will work. Well, the answer is, yes. Yes you do need stamping polish if you are wanting nail art that looks good and will last you. Stamping polish is different from regular nail polish in that it is formulated to be thicker and dry slower. Now, the last thing any woman wants is a nail polish that takes LONGER to dry but when it comes to nail stamping, you will need the extra time.

Stamping polish also is made so that it comes off nails much easier than regular nail polish. Stamping polish can often be removed from nails with a piece of tape or a lint roller so that when mistakes are made, they can easily be remedied. Stamping polish tends to show up in more vibrant color than regular nail polish as well.

As you become more experienced with nail stamping you may be able to begin to use regular nail polish for portions of your designs or whole designs. However, there will always be plates that work best or work only with stamping polish. Finding out which plates these are will take a lot of trial and error, but beauty takes time and patience and you will be happy you kept practicing when you can’t take your eyes off your amazing nail art!

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