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"End of Summer" Nails That Rock

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With only a month roughly left of summer you may be wondering what colors and designs might be appropriate for the transition from summer to autumn. Pastels are a things of the past, we used those up during the spring/summer transition. Yet, darker colors like maroons and navys haven’t come into play yet. Luckily by stamping your nails you can get the best of both worlds. With the sun still out and summer activities still ongoing, your options are pretty open. After all, the nights are a little cooler and that brisk autumn air is starting to invade. So what do we suggest? With no holidays in August we think the best transition for summer to fall is one of our favorites: patterns!11168020-1624094611208575-7359161883560389886-n.jpg

Whether you prefer geometric, floral, chevron or something else, you truly cannot go wrong with patterned nails. Against a solid colored dress, your patterned nails will look incredible. You can go subtle by having your base color being just slightly darker than your design color. On the other hand, you can draw a little more attention to your pattern by applying a dark base coat and bright design color, or visa versa. You’re options are truly endless!

Messy Mansion has an endless collection of patterned nail image plates. Not only that, but we sell MoYou stamping polish, which is no argument the best stamping polish you can find and it comes in a variety of beautiful and unique colors! Check out our selection today and end summer with the best nails around.