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Nail Art Like You’ve Never Known

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If you are a fan of having beautiful and unique nails you may have found it can be expensive. Going to the nail salon once every two weeks adds up quickly. However, there is an alternative you may not know about that could save you time, money and give you incredible looking nails every time.

So what is nail stamping? It is a process of transferring designs from metal plates onto stamps and then onto your nails. A stamping plate is most often a metal disc that has a number of designs etched into it. These can be anything from mini drawings, to texts to patterns. The polish is first added to the plate and the excess is then scraped off leaving the polish in the etched recesses. You then use a stamp to pick up the remaining polish designs on the plate which are then pressed onto your nail, leaving beautiful and intricate designs that are sure to have you receiving endless compliments.

Getting started is affordable and easy. Messy Mansion has a large selection of stamps and metal nail plates so that you can get complete control over your manicures and pedicures for a fraction of the salon price. Our plates come in countless patterns, not to mention we have a plate for every holiday and special occasion so that you can have the most festive nails at every function! Check out our store to get all of your nail stamping essentials as well as our Lookbook to get design ideas. You will never want to go without your nail stamping plates again!