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Nail Size Matters

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As nice as it would be for us all the have the same size “canvas” for our nail stamps, that simply is not the case. Some people have small short nails, while others have large long nails, and many other variations in nail size. We want you to know, this CAN affect how successful your nail stamping experience ends up being. Granted, regardless on the size of your nails you can use nail stamps, although the smaller the nail, the more likely it is that you will a couple of practice rounds before you get your technique down.

Not only that, but there are nail plates you can use that will be easier than others. For example, a full design stamp is your best bet to getting your nails stamped successfully. Designs that require a lot of separate details will be harder to accomplish as you may not have the space on your nail for every part of the overall design.

To avoid having to do and redo your stamping over and over again, we suggest that you measure your nails and draw out a nail of similar size and shape on a piece of paper to practice placement and experiment with how different size designs will fit on your nail.

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