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Nail Stamps: Easiest to Hardest

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You may not be a pro at nail stamping and that’s okay! It takes time to conquer a process that includes so many steps as nail stamping does. So, just like any other skill there is a starting point at which every nail stamper should begin. Below are the three methods (simplest to hardest) of applying nail stamps. Learn the ins and outs of these 3 kinds of designs, keep practicing at them and you are sure to be on your way to becoming a nail stamp professional!

1. Full Nail Design
A design that is made to cover your entire nail is the easiest and most forgiving method of nail stamping. Providing that the image is large enough to cover your entire nail, the placement does not have to be as precise as long as the entire nail is covered.

2. Small Images
Small images that are often centered on the nail are the second easiest to apply. These can however be more tricky than a full design seeing as how it can be difficult to ensure you are indeed placing the image in the actual middle of the nail, rather than one tiny millimeter to the left or right.

3. French Tips
Oh, the agony! French tips may seem as though they would be easy to apply but we beg to differ. Seeing as how french tips are so uniform in appearance, the tiniest placement difference between nails can stick out like a sore thumb! Have patience when trying this method because as much as we hate to say it: you would have to be some sort of manicure savant in order for stamped french tips to take the first time around.

Remember, learning how to stamp your nails so that they look outstanding takes time and practice. Take a free afternoon to try out the different methods and keep some nail polish remover on hand. All the work will be worth it when people can’t stop giving you compliments on how great your nails look!