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Respect The Nail!

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I have a friend, who while growing up was always told by her mother, “Your nails are jewels! Not tools!”. This of course, was in response to this friend picking stickers off newly bought items, opening coke cans and completing other various tasks with her perfectly good nails.

At some point, we have all done this. Used our beautiful nails for something other than just looking glamourous. Of course, what normally happens when we engage in this sort of action? Your nail breaks. And if one nail breaks, well it’s all over then, isn’t it ladies? After all, the aesthetic is ruined when all your nails are perfectly manicured except for that one pesky broken nail. Bah humbug!

When I first heard the “jewels not tools” idiom it stuck with me. After all, we should be kind to our nails. They haven’t done anything to us.

Nail stamping is a great way to take care of your nails. Not only are the designs fun and easy but they are a great reminder to take it easy on nails. Everyday we use our hands and fingers for so many different things and it’s important to keep your nails in good condition should you wish to continue using your hands and fingers on a regular basis.

Messy Mansion has the best selection online of nail image plates and stamping materials so that you can treat your nails like the jewels that they are. Decorate them as a reminder that not only are they beautiful but they are a beautiful part of yourself(just like the rest of you!). Check out our pages to find the look that appeals to you most and happy stamping!